Supreme – Glory Days #1 – 2 (1994)

Image comics’ Superman-like character, Supreme first appeared in comics as a modern figure, but was always held to have had a long history as a super-hero. That history dates back to World War II, when Supreme aided the Allied forces in the fight against the Axis powers. After the Allied victory, Supreme left Earth even after the president pleaded with him to stay. In doing so, he left behind the heartbroken Glory, his girlfriend.

Fifty years later, Supreme returned to Earth and was surprised by how much has changed. He did not have any concept of time during his leave of absence, so when he decided to look up his old girlfriend, she was less than pleased at their untimely reunion. By coincidence, Supreme’s old enemies, the Nazis, have just brought one of the most evil of their kind back to life. It looks like for Supreme and Glory, it’s just like old times…

Supreme – Glory Days #1 – 2 (1994)
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